For over 28 years, Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor has charmed brides with exceptional service, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and reliable delivery. Located in a charming, historical setting, the ambiance will surpass your expectations. Award winning gardens, the tasteful European interior, and most importantly, an incredible, sophisticated selection of bridal and attendant’s gowns await you, our pampered guest. Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor is truly an experience!
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EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD QUOTE: One benefit of being the bride is the level of attention and pampering you receive. The opportunity to work with super-friendly gown experts in the historic setting of a beautifully restored 100-year old house surrounded by a romantic garden estate is one that we would grab in a heartbeat. Oh, did we mention the champagne couture room, named for the richly decorated ivory palette or the many custom embellishments available to personalize every gown? This is Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor. Gorgeous! IMPORTANT: Food and beverages not allowed inside the store.
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